Jack’s Corner is dedicated to the panoply of the Mormon faith. In recent decades, many “active,” or fully practicing, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have hijacked the definition of Mormon belief. Essentially, their view holds
that Mormons who fail to attend church regularly or to adhere to the Word of
Wisdom (which forbids the use of alcohol, coffee or tea) are not true Mormons,
regardless of whether they were raised in the faith their entire lives or still
embrace many of its basic tenets.  Sadly, and contrary to its early progressive roots modern Mormon society, if only by its strict cohesion, excludes and, thus, essentially expunges all but its purest adherents.

In 1995, the Mormon-run Church News urged practicing Mormons to “not judge or criticize” their less-active friends and neighbors.  Yet such tolerance is contradicted by a more common theme espoused by some powerful and rigid church leaders: Obedience is a door to freedom. And the church leadership in Salt Lake seems blind to the possibility that its constant emphasis on conformity over unity might actually be a factor behind the estimated 60-70 percent church inactivity rate in the Mormon population.

This site is a celebration of the breadth and diversity of  all the Mormon people and their influence in U.S. history and culture – from the 19th century pioneers that settled the West to the Jack Mormon and ex-Mormon  writers, actors and creative thinkers who have influenced modern popular culture from HBO’s Big Love to Broadway’s Book of Mormon.  It urges “active” Mormons, as well as the Church hierarchy in Salt Lake, to stop and ponder whether it is a good thing to be defined by conformity, and to accept and not judge or expel those who choose to be less orthodox in their beliefs.  It encourages the less orthodox to resist antagonism, anger or bitterness, and to hold on to  those pieces of the faith they have valued.

What this site is not, is an avenue for vitriolic attack upon the Mormon Church or religion. Hateful, bigoted or intolerant posts will not be allowed. Thoughtful questions or  musings and constructive and well-intentioned criticism will be.

For those non-Mormons who may peruse these pages, hopefully they will be enlightening to you about not only our faith, but our nearly two centuries of history and culture. I look forward to the discourse.

Proudly Jack



Jack’s Corner
Launched October 2011